Sa-Mokin bbq sauce took my competition scores to the next level. I have never in my life had anything
nearly as good, ever. Head Cook, Competition Competitor, Mike S. – Lincoln, Nebraska

Head Country is hugely popular in many states and has been out for many years, and our newest
up and comer is the forum's own Sa-Mokin sauce which I've switched over to and I've been bringing
some money home from the comp's now because of that edge it gives me.
Head Cook, Competition Competitor, Bob T. – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Okay, FedEx just dropped off my Sa-Mokin BBQ sauce. Couldn't wait so I opened it.
MMMMMmmmmmm.... I gotta tell ya, Sa-Mokin will be the first BBQ sauce that I don't have to do
any doctoring to whatsoever. It is wonderful straight out of the bottle! Sweet but not overly
sweet and just enough zip at the end. Awesome job! – Chef, Phil C. – Madeira Beach, Florida


I really like it on burgers myself and I'm not usually a “BBQ burger” fan. On the same note, I put some Sa-Mokin Barbeque Sauce on meatloaf and on chopped hamburger steak... awesome. It's even good on a roast beef sub! I bet it would make a bumper taste good.
Catering Business Owner, Mike W. – North Carolina

I actually made patties and just poured the Sa-Mokin sauce on top. no onion, tomatoes, pickles and a light sprinkle of a salt, pepper, garlic rub on them... Sa-Mokin sauce is a hit!! – United States Postal Worker, Mike G. – Belleview, Washington

How many bottles of Sa-Mokin sauce come in a case? I did some chicken this weekend and your sauce put it over the edge. It's my new chicken sauce for competitions. – Head Cook, Competition Competitor, Steve H. – Three Points, Tennessee

Received my Sa-Mokin BBQ sauce yesterday ..EXCELLENT! Encourage everyone to try it out. – Corey B. – Vidor, Texas

Well I fired up the offset and had a few friends over and I did 6 racks of back ribs, 2 with Sa-Mokin Sauce, 2 with another popular sauce and 2 with my old stand by sauce. There was not a bone left, everyone loved all the sauces, but
Sa-Mokin sauce was a huge hit. I had to give my buddy a bottle to take home and It was like he received the holy grail. Sa-Mokin bbq sauce is awesome. Try it any chance you get you will not be sorry you did. – Rick S. – Toronto, Canada

I tried it out last weekend on some ribs. Good stuff indeed! Sa-mokin' sauce..... I use it like ketchup! – Lance G. – Indianapolis, Indiana

Sa-Mokin Sauce made my 4th of July perfect! I was told numerous times how good my ribs/chicken/brisket was. I felt sorry for my father who had cooked on a separate cooker. (WE COMPETE) But I know for a fact it was the SAUCE. I want to say that they shipped really quick, the box could not have been packed any better and the sauce SA-MOKIN is unreal!!! Thank you so much. – John T.

I cooked up some chuck roast & pulled it on Sunday. Invited the kids over for supper and my little twin granddaughters 16 months old... they loved it. They would slurp the sauce off the shredded strands of meat. Way cool for me to see, i thought "O boy" the twins love grand dad’s BBQ..... until I realized it was the Sa-Mokin Barbeque Sauce they loved so much. No other authentication necessary... its good stuff. – Jeff T. – Norfolk, Nebraska

I just got a Sa-Mokin shipment that included a few bottles of your "competition" sauce. WOW, that’s some good stuff!
Char L. – South Dakota

Sa-Mokin is great sauce! Just got a couple bottles yesterday and I will be ordering more today.
– Andy G - Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Did a little cook on Saturday. Used Sa-Mokin Sauce on the chicken and ribs. WOW says it all. I was told it was the best chicken they have ever had and there was not one rib left and I didn't even get any. I did get to try the chicken and that is some dang good sauce my friends. – Head Cook, Competition Competitor, Tony Q. – Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Sa-Mokin sauce has gone from one of my TWO favorites to just plain #1. Very good job! – Chris H. – Asheville, North Carolina

Got a bottle of Sa-Mokin sauce the other day. From the taste I took it was very good. A little sweet, a little hot, and a little smoky. I am going to try it out on some baby back ribs and pulled pork for a wedding I am catering next weekend. After that I am sure I'll be buying a case. – Head Cook, Competition Competitor, Steve H. – Three Points, Tennessee

Very bold indeed...and very good! You've got a great sauce there! – Head Cook, Competition Competitor, Jeremy W. - Jenks, Oklahoma

Ya got to try Sa-Mokin sauce against Head Country head to head. Sa-Mokin is a superior product by far.
Head Cook, Competition Competitor, David R. – Ontario, Canada

That Sa-Mokin sauce is some GOOD stuff. You came up with a great formula.
Head Cook, Competition Competitor, Keri C. – Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

I agree that Sa-Mokin sauce is some good stuff. I give it my Northern Indiana stamp of approval.
Head Cook, Competition Competitor, Don G. – NE Indiana

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that you put out a fantastic product. I ordered a bottle after hearing everyone's positive feedback and I was very impressed. Best sauce I have ever had. A buddy of mine even said he could put it on cereal it was so good.
Chuck S. - Atlanta, Georgia

I returned from weeklong vacation last night to find that I had received a bottle of Sa-Mokin sauce. Based on what I'd read on this board, I half expected to hear angelic singing and heavenly trumpet fanfares, and see blindingly white lights as I opened the box. Sadly, I was disappointed. There was none of that. My disappointment faded quickly, however, when I tried the sauce. A great mix of sweet and tangy. You've really got something here. It's awesome. – Attorney, Matt C. – Little Rock, Arkansas

It's the best!! Your sauce is Boss! – Head Cook , Competition Competitor, Dan M. – Newark, Deleware

Just thought you'd like to hear, used your sauce in a rib burn this weekend and took first place!
Barbeque supply store owner, Steve C. – New Baltimore, Michigan

Sunday was a great day for BBQ, so I used your sauce on some Baby Back ribs. It was amazing! My girlfriend loved it as well. I especially noticed how shiny it makes the ribs. Since I went to my first competition, I learned how that wins judges' appearance points. Thought you might like some more positive feedback. Keep up the good work. My next order will certainly be for more than one bottle.
Barbeque Competition Competitor, Jim H. – Cleveland, Ohio

Man you do have yourself a fantastic sauce there. I tried some on a spoon then on some turkey I smoked. All I could say was WOW, somebody's got themselves a new customer. I tried it up against my regular favorite and there was no contest yours was much better. Then I did a blind taste test with three family members and the results were the same, SaMokin-3, my regular-0. My order will be in Monday. Thanks so much – Bob O. – Westfield, MA

I got the opportunity to finally try some of Sa-Mokin bbq sauce this past weekend. It is a really good sauce. If you haven't tried it yet ya need to get some and give it a try. – Head Cook, Competition Competitor, Mike D. – Dayton, Ohio

I have been meaning to write and tell you that my 8 year old daughter was looking for Sa-Mokin bbq sauce in the fridge the other day (we had already run out). She is a very picky eater! – Meat marinade manufacturer, Lee M. – Cleveland, Oklahoma

I cracked open a bottle for the guys to try on Saturday with some bratwurst I smoked. It is a great mix of sweet and heat. The heat is mild and takes a few bites before it arrives in your pallet. Nice product. Thanks for the sample, it sold me.
Owner – Everything Barbeque, Scott G. – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Your sample arrived, and we LOVED it. I need to finish some research and get back to you, but at least in terms of taste, we’re definitely interested in carrying your sauce. – Owner - Carolina Sauce Company Inc, Gloria C. – Durham, North Carolina

People have been raving about Sa-Mokin Barbeque Sauce so I ordered a bottle. I ended up getting it this weekend and thought I’d share my thoughts.
    My first reaction when I opened the box was that I was happy to see that it was a glass bottle. I think that just says a lot about the pride people put into their product. Glass isn't a deal breaker but certainly a nice touch. Next I tilted the bottle to see its consistency. It looked like what I prefer- Not too thin and not too thick.
I decided to do a slab of ribs so I rubbed the ribs with a bit of Emeril’s Rib Rub and put them on the smoker. I pulled them about 30 minutes before I’d normally on a bend test. I sauced the ribs about an hour before I was guessing they’d be done. The sauce had a perfect consistency. Went on beautifully as I hate really thin sauces and thick ones. Did this about 3 times.
    The sauce I really enjoyed. Had a sweetness to it but a bit of spice. I would consider it a K.C. style sauce and I’ve tried to think of a sauce that I would at least compare it to and really can’t think of one. The sauce had excellent color and caramelized nicely. While I don’t compete or anything like that, presentation is still important to me so a nice coloring is definitely a plus. My wife who is a vegitarian, we made a veggie burger and she loved the sauce as well. The bottle also went further than I thought it would. I also gave some to my dad who absolutely loved it so we’re gonna chip in on a large order.
So, overall, I highly recommend Sa-Mokin Barbeque Sauce! I hope my review helps you decide to give it a shot.
Justin G. – Baldwin, Missouri

Manufacturer Elliott Diversified Industries, LLC
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Quality **** (4 out of 5)
Viscosity **** (4 out of 5)
Aroma ** (2.5 out of 5)
Appearance *** (3 out of 5)
Packaging *** (2.5 out of 5)

The majority of the sauces reviewed on the Home of BBQ website are tasted alone and on pulled pork or brisket. On occasion the sauce will be tried with ribs or chicken. If a sauce is labeled as multipurpose it will often be tried with a burger or fries. We always attempt to match the sauce with what it is recommended for on the label. Sadly, I will never try a sauce on steak. It wouldn’t be fair to me or the steak. It would be a degradation to us both.

Sa-Mokin Barbeque Sauce is one of those ‘inside secrets’ for serious BBQ fans. This guy mentions it at a competition. Another cook talks about it in a judges meeting. Someone’s discussed it on one BBQ forum and then you find it another thread on a different forum. Pretty soon you start wondering, is it just hype? How good is this stuff?

I was a bit concerned that I was setting this sauce up to fail. Positive opinions were being fostered by people that I respect. Was the bar being set to high? Thankfully not. Here is the odd thing about the cook-off circuit; serious BBQ competitors don’t like anything that stretches the boundaries. Competitors prefer to use equipment and ingredients that fall within a specific profile but excel at what they do.

Sa-Mokin Barbeque Sauce fits that description. It is a standard style of sauce that is made exceedingly well.

The bottle is glass and holds 18oz of sauce. It’s a nice thick bottle that should ship well. The packaging is pretty plain, with the exception of the caricature of the pig in the zoot suit. The packaging doesn’t stand out amongst a shelf of other sauces and that’s a shame. It would be a mistake to pass it by.

The aroma is standard for a KC style sauce. Nothing really sticks out about it. It has the sweet mix of tomato, vinegar and sugar that is so common in these sauces and none of the ingredients particularly stand out.

The sauce pours easily out of the fairly wide mouthed bottle. It sticks to the meat without a problem and is fairly thick. The dark red color is uniform and opaque.

There is both a front and back heat that acts as a nice counter balance to the sweetness. The heat isn’t strong by any stretch of the imagination and is judiciously applied. There is a lack of peak and valleys in the flavor, but that doesn’t mean that the sauce has no flavor variation. It means that the flavor is consistently excellent. The intensity of the flavor remains the same but has different nuances the longer it remains on the tongue.

The sweetness is pronounced, but it lacks that artificial ‘tang’ and harshness that often accompanies commercial sauces.

If an excellent KC style sauce is what you are looking for, stop your search. One of your best bets is right here. Yes, it’s not offering anything revolutionary or out of left field, but that’s like saying that the Godfather is just a gangster movie. This is a sauce that is at the top of its game. Give it a shot.

Certified BBQ Judge / Contest Organizer - Eric D. – Boston, Massachusetts

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